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Голос, звуки, музыка

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Here’s a little audio mod that I made…

Personally I find that the AI units are way too talkative when speaking on the radio.

This mod will change things like this:
«Goliath, 1, 1, this is Air Traffic Control. You are cleared for takeoff. Surface Wind at 20 knots»
«Goliath, 1, 1, Air Traffic Control. Cleared for takeoff. Wind at 20 knots»

«This is Ground Control, we have incoming enemy ground units at grid 024, 031»
«Ground Control, incoming enemy ground units, grid 024, 031»

I think I also sped up some of the number reading.

Probably not realistic, but just for fun I changed:
«missle away» to «rifle».
«target hit» to «shack».